Spotify, Amazon Echo Dot and Sonos speaker in each room - can't play different Spotify tracks in each room.

  • 23 November 2017
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With the Sonos App and Spotify Premium my family can play different songs in different rooms on Sonos speakers.

Using Alexa on Echo Dot if I start music on one speaker (e.g Office Sonos) then go to a separate Echo Dot in another room and ask it to play a different song on the Sonos speaker in that room (e.g. Dining room Sonos) the music stops playing on the first Sonos.

I am assuming this is some limitation of the current integration between Alexa on Echo Dot and Sonos but was curious if anyone else had experienced it?

Best answer by jgatie 23 November 2017, 18:24

Yes, the current limitation is one stream when started via Alexa.
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3 replies

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Following the release of the enhancement to allow a Sonos speaker to be the preferred speaker for an Alexa group (which is great!), is there still a limitation on the number of Spotify streams that can be started with Alexa?

In most rooms of my house, I have an Echo Dot and a Play:1 which I have now grouped in Alexa.

My testing today indicates that this limitation still exists.

I still have Spotify Premium. Thanks
The following page will help you learn how to play Spotify Music on Alexa:
Yes, the current limitation is one stream when started via Alexa.