SoundBar and Sub are working but SonosOne is not integrated with them, plays music separately.

  • 24 October 2017
  • 1 reply

I just got Sonos One/Alexa hooked up and operating. Some of the voice commands recommended do not work, crickets from Alexa. But my big issue is that the music from my sound bar and sub are working together but SonosOne is not integrated with them. Alexa has discovered devices a nd plays music alone but still no music comes from her speaker to join with my existing Sonos Play Bar and Sub. When I ask her to play the music it only comes on on her speaker. Totally annoying as I want all speakers to play for rich sound. Does anyone else have this issue and what is the fix? Also on my sonos app on my iphone 6s with the new IOS 11.0.3, I can see my two existing speakers but not the Sons One.

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1 reply

New issues. I ask Alexa to play Pandora in the Living room (soundbar/sub)and she says she will then no music from my sonos sound bar and none from sonosOne/Alexa device. Pandora is added to the sonos app and to the Amazon Alexa. Lots of issues and glitches.