sonus beam will not play music

  • 4 December 2019
  • 2 replies

 alexa answers question through sonus beam and says it will play a requested song but nothing happens. Just dead space. Apple music is linked but no connection. Pandora has same problem.


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2 replies

Just to make sure, you’ve set up your streaming service in both Alexa and in Sonos apps, correct?

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Hi jrperk42

Here are a few things to try in the order listed

  1. Check your routers admin page for updates and install if available 
  2. Reboot
  3. Disable the Sonos Skill in the Alexa app
  4. Sign-out of Alexa
  5. Sign out of your streaming services 1x1
  6. Power cycle your iOS or Android setup device
  7. Delete and re-install the Sonos App
  8. Sign into Alexa
  9. Enable the Sonos Skill in Alexa
  10. Sign-in to your streaming services 1 x 1
  11. Test everything

Let us know how things sort out.  Cheers!