Sonos will not skip songs with alexa

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You did mention using the app to de registering but also said just using the app will not work to do that. All your help is much appreciated 

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I got it to work again. Here are the process.

1. Contact Sonos and Submit a diagnostic.

2. Remove Alexa voice service on Sonos app.

3. Disable Sonos skill on Amazon Alexa app.

4. Go to Amazon account, and remove Sonos from your list of devices.

5. Sign out from your Amazon Alexa app.

6. Sign out from your Amazon shopping app.

7. Sign out from your Amazon on your default web browser.

8. Go back to Sonos app, add Alexa voice service again. It will ask you to authorize by putting in your Amazon account id and password. You have to make sure your Sonos ask you to type in these info manually (thats the reason you have to sign out your Amazon accounts on your Alexa app, Amazon shopping app, and on your browser). 

9. Try "shuffle songs" and "play next song" on Sonos and it should work. At lease it works for me.

Notice the important step is step 1. I did all the steps 2 to 9 before and the issue was not resolved. I contacted Sonos and submit a system diagnosis. Then I did steps 2 to 9, and now it works. 

Good luck guys & gals!

After step 1. You can read all the steps i listed above in the below link


From another post they indicate that if you start music via the Sonos app vs via Alexa it will allow you to skip songs with Alexa. That worked for me, but the thumbs up/thumbs down feature does not work still.

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Alexa says she cannot play the next song when asked to do so. This is a sonos problem because other alexa devices will skip when asked. Only sonos devices wont skip. Sonos and alexa seem to respond correctly to all.other requests, weather, timer, play music etc.

Sorry do you mean disable the Apple Music skill from the amazon Alexa app then once I have re registered the Sonos speakers with the amazon Alexa app you then enable the Apple Music skill again on Alexa app?


I’ve been having the same issue and the steps listed here did not help.  However as a long shot tech support has be do Factory reset of the amp and then set it back up.    

it works again!!!!!    


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I don’t have an amp. Which of my 5 Sonos devices should I wipe? Two have Alexa enabled. Both? At least it sounds like you got some progress. Let us know if it stays fixed, as others have reported less luck after resets and restarts.