Sonos Play 1 and Alexa / Google home

  • 24 June 2019
  • 5 replies

Hey community,

I have been using 4 Sonos play 1 units around the house for the past year.

What is the most direct way to connect voice assistant (alexa or google home) to control Sonos music playing in Spotify?

For example : *** please play *** by **** in living room

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5 replies

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Hi idoamran

Click the links for setting up Alexa and Google with Spotify. Haven't used Google but Alexa appears to be more user friendly in relationship to your need 🤔




Edit: I overlooked the part where you stated you have Play 1's. You'll have to invest in a Sonos One or Echo Dot or Google Home mini to bring those services to your Sonos.
Any Alexa Echo device or Google Assistant device. Cheapest way is to get an Echo Dot or Google Mini.

Note: The Alexa implementation is much further along than the Google. For instance, you can default a speaker for an Echo so do not have to say "in 'room name", you can just say "Alexa, play smooth jazz" and it will play in the default room(s). Alexa also supports grouping. For example, create a group called "Downstairs" and add all your downstairs speakers to the group. Then you can say "Alexa, play 90's pop hits downstairs" and it will play to all the speakers in the "Downstairs" group.

At this point, Google does not have these features, though it is assumed they are coming in the future.
Thanks for your comments !

For conclusion, ill get the Echo dot set up groups and it should work great with sonos 1 play?
Yes, that will work.
Hey, me again.

Tried to work the home mini, but unfortunately the integration of sonos and mini is not available in Israel.

Do you know if the dot should work?

Or I need to wait for Sonos?