Sonos One with Alexa Routines (Automatic Blinds Specifically)

  • 23 January 2020
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Sorry if this has been covered endlessly. 

Im completely new to Sonos, been rejecting it for years but finally bit the bullet when I saw the Play Ones with Alexa, assuming my music will sound a bit better than my Alexa Echo’s -


THEN, I read that “Alexa Routines are not supported” now wtf?! - considering cancelling my order - but I thought I’d ask here - the 1 automation I need is my automatic blinds. (alexa open upstairs blinds, close upstairs blinds etc) Will this really not work with the Sonos One? that cant be?? 




1 reply

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The various threads do make support for routines a bit complicated.  I can run all my Alexa Routines from my Sonos devices that work on any other Alexa Device with ONE exception: If I try and output an audio message within the Routine, (other than music) I get an error message.