Sonos One stopped finding Smart Devices

I have two Sonos One which I have connected to Amazon Alexa. Approximately two weeks ago one of my Sonos devices started responding with "Ï can't find any connected devices" when asked to turn on smart lights even though my other Sonos One and other Alexa enabled devices see them fine. I have tried power cycling the problematic Sonos as well as making sure that all available updates have been installed. Has anyone run into this before and how can I fix this? Currently my wife refers to this particular Sonos One as being brain dead.

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Is the brain dead speaker still showing up in the Alexa app as an Alexa device? Can you give other voice commands to that speaker, such as playing music or getting the current weather? If not, I'd see if you can re setup the speaker with Alexa.
The brain dead Sonos shows up in the Alexa app as an Alexa device. It will respond to any other inquiry correctly except for managing my smart devices.

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