Sonos one questions

  • 21 October 2017
  • 2 replies

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

I wish to buy 4 Sonos one’s on launch day but have a few questions:

1) Do I need existing amazon Alexa products for the Sonos one to work or is it completely stand alone? I have no interest in echo eg dot etc but still want full Alexa functionality in this Sonos one.

2) I have several other Sonos products eg speakers, play bar subwoofer etc, the question is regarding the bridge ie the Ethernet connected to my router. Do I need a new bridge for this Sonos or can work with existing bridge? How many Sonos can connect on 1 Bridge? The issue is I have run out of spare ports on my router! I have many other “connected Home” products eg Hive etc etc!

3) As existing and loyal Sonos customer, having spent thousands and potentially thousands more, will Sonos be offering discounts? I note the UK price is same as US price?! Last time I checked the GBP Sterling is worth more than US dollar?

Thanks in advance, much appreciated

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2 replies

1) No. It is completely standalone.

2) It is 100% compatible with all current Sonos devices. Each Sonos system can have up to 32 units connected, including Bridges and Boosts.

3) Can't answer this definitively, but the only discount I have seen lately is the half off Amazon Dot promotion.
Many thanks for prompt reply, I will be ordering 4 on launch date!