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In the last two weeks or so, my Sonos One does this thing where I’ll ask it via Alexa to play a song and it will play whichever song I was listening to prior.


For example, if I listened to “Halo” by Beyoncé five minutes ago and then I say “Alexa, play ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran,” it will start playing “Halo.” Per another person’s question I saw on here, I’ve disabled Alexa in my Sonos app, deregistered my Sonos in my Alexa app, signed out of all Amazon apps on my phone, and then reenabled Alexa voice services on my Sonos, reregistered my Sonos in my Alexa app, etc. and it’s still acting up. Any tips?

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Which music service are you using?

Amazon Music

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Anyone ?

I have this problem, too.

Setup 1: Amazon Echo with preferred speaker associated to a group of seven Play:1 speakers located downstairs.

Setup 2: Amazon Show with preferred speaker associated to a single Play: 1 speaker upstairs.

In either setup, I ask the Amazon device to play a song and let it complete.  When I ask the Amazon device to play another song, it begins playing the PREVIOUS song.  Sometimes, it plays the previous song for 1-2 seconds then stops and goes silent.  Other times, it plays the previous song 1-2 seconds then stops and plays the second song as requested.

Google Play/Assistant doesn’t have this problem when linked to Sonos.


If I manually select “End Session” from the queue in the Sonos App, the unwanted behavior goes away and Amazon/Sonos will play the requested song without trying to play the previous song.  

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Yep same here.  

Asking for song plays the previous song.  Been doing this for the last few weeks, was hoping that it would fix itself, but it hasn’t.  This behaviour is when using Amazon music, via voice (in my case Alexa) to my play:Amps.


Very annoying.  Anyone have a fix?

Andrew S