Sonos one not playing anything.

  • 24 October 2017
  • 8 replies

New to the sonos and alexa game, treated myself to a sonos one. Want to love it, but it's currently a fairly useless, but nice sounding white box. All connected up ok, but when I ask it to play anything on tunein for example it says, "playing bbc radio" but then doesn't find or change the station. Only way I can get it to play is direct through the sonos app. Help?!

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8 replies

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I have a similar problem. It’s all set up correctly, but it won’t play my flash briefings,
Flash briefings aren't supported on the Sonos One.
I have a similar problem. It’s all set up correctly, but it won’t play my flash briefings, when I ask to open one of the Skills it says ‘sorry I don’t know that one’, when I ask it to play Magic FM radio, it plays it from Bucharest so I have no clue what it’s saying! I called Amazon, they told me I had to speak to Sonos, Whilst writing this I have been on hold with Sonos for nearly 30 minutes.... outrageous! Another 10 mins, and then I will be sending the product back and getting a refund.
Thanks guys, latest update.... I went to work, did some other things for the day and when I came home Alexa seems to be working OK. So maybe she just needed a little time to herself 😃 am going to reserve judgement until I've had a proper chat with her at the weekend.
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Great, thanks everyone will try that.
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Dave77's suggestion there is a great start. Sometimes Alexa loses touch with a device and you need to re-discover it. If that doesn't do the trick, disable the Alexa skill and then re-enable it.

If you're still having trouble feel free to submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and post your confirmation number, or you can give us a call on our support line.
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Same here. One of the reviews made a suggestion

"Unfortunately, there were a few times I ran into some strange and frustrating bugs -- the speaker wasn't recognizing that it was playing music, so "pause" or "next track" requests didn't work. Amazon Music also occasionally got confused and told me it was playing on another device so it couldn't play on the speaker I asked for. Sonos helped me troubleshoot the problem -- just asking Alexa to "discover devices" cleared things up. It seemed to re-sync the Sonos Alexa skill with the speaker, essentially, and then I was happily playing tunes again."
Trying to remain calm and not throw it out the window. Was hoping I wouldn't have to get involved in technical wizardry. 😞
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Hi, the same problem is happening to me. Awaiting a reply!