Sonos One - First Thoughts/Issues...

  • 27 October 2017
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The new Sonos One arrived this week and adding it to the rest of the setup in the house was easy enough as a music payer, but getting the Alexa side of things up and running took a couple of attempts and a little head scratching. Feedback to Sonos, it's not that intuitive guys... Having said that, it maybe more to do with the new app than anything else. Guys, why oh why did you have to change what was a pretty good app to something that is frankly a bag of garbage.

So far two main niggles that I've not been able to resolve.

Firstly, the microphone light. A normal Echo or Echo Dot is dormant and produces no light. This is key as the Sonos One is installed in our bedroom. Unfortunately, the Sonos One has a pale white light that tells you the microphone is on, which is a bit daft too be frank. It would have been better to have a light (preferably red) that came on to tell you it was muted, as with the Echo or Dot. This would leave the Sonos One totally dark, rather than a pale glow shining on the ceiling needing me to place a PostIt note over it for now. The status light is controllable from the app, come on Sonos Software Guys, make the microphone mute light also controllable.

Secondly, the Alexa volume appears to be much louder than the music from the speakers, over bearing too be honest. Even if I configure the volume of the Sonos One to be as low as possible, Alexa comes blaring back at me to tell me all sorts of wonderful news in a volume that certainly gets the attention. There must be a way to configure the Alexa response volume so as not to be so intrusive, independent volume settings would be ace...

Apart from the above, sound quality is as I would expect from Sonos, but not sure the Sonos One is going to stay in the bedroom if I can't resolve the niggles.

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1 reply

The microphone light is always going to be on if the mics are listening. This is a security feature to stave off the complaints from the folks afraid of spy gadgets listening in on their mutterings. Not going to change because it is hard wired. I suggest a small stick on dot of the appropriate color.