Sonos One beeping

  • 26 October 2017
  • 6 replies

I was away from my house for a few hours when I got in my Sonos One was making this awful double beeping sound.... any ideas anyone.

6 replies

Thanks @Ryan S!

I will give a call tomorrow.
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@Katpeane You can find contact details here, just make sure you set the country code to the right location by clicking on the flag. The phone or social media is best for live help. This issue I'd recommend going on the phones, but you could start with Facebook or Twitter if you'd like.
@Ryan S Thanks for your reply. How do I go about troubleshooting this live with your team? Is this like a live chat kind of thing or a phone call?

Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

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Hi @Katpeane, that sounds like it'd be best to troubleshoot with our team live. They'll see if there's something causing the beeping or if there's an issue with the unit.
One of my Sonos Ones is also making a sort of double beeping noise inconsistently/intermittently. I submitted a diagnostic (confirmation number 920549275). (I have two Ones, a Playbar, and a Beam).

Any help that could be provided in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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That's an odd one. The beeping could be an alarm or timer if you happened to have one set. Were you able to stop the sound by issuing a command?

Have you given us a call on our support line on this one? Has it happened since?