SONOS ONE and Spotify Connectivity Issue

  • 24 October 2017
  • 2 replies

I received my Sonos One today and set it up; however, the only music player/system/vender that can be accessed through Alexa is Amazon Music. I was able to manually link accounts through iHeartRadio, Pandora and Spotify. via the Sonos and Alexa apps, but Alexa could not search their content for music. I made the appropriate changes to the settings for default library; however, I continually received in return 20 second samples from Amazon Music. I'm not an audiophile and not paying Amazon $120+ per year to ask for the weather and occasional music requests for Amazon Music.

When manually setting up stations on your device (iPhone 7 in my case) in various apps, music plays on the Sonos One. I purchased this to be hands free and seamless. Seriously, your app is not ready for the hardware roll-out? My goal was to make this a verbal application of the service/hardware.

WTF? TuneIn is listed but not a supported app either?

The sound is great of the Sonos One, as with all Sonos products. The software, compatibility and control, not so much!

Releasing a product that I'm sure many people pre-paid for like myself that doesn't work as advertised when delivered? Expect plenty of backlash.

Get it together Sonos. Fix this so I don't return the device.

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2 replies

Having the same issue with Spotify. Also, and I may be doing something wrong here but I can’t control individual speakers/rooms through One which I also thought was the purpose of buying this.
Note that the Alexa Sonos skill is in beta and features may not be fully baked. However, the nature of skills is that they are mostly in the cloud, so they can be rolled out faster than your usual updates. You cannot initiate Spotify play at this time, but they are hard at work to bring it soon. By Christmas is the stated goal. Note that after initiating via the Sonos app, you can pause, resume, skip, previous, control volume and even ask what is playing via Alexa for all other services, including Spotify.

Grouping via voice is not supported by Alexa for any 3rd party speakers right now. There is a new Amazon SDK coming early next year to address this, whether Sonos can utilze that SDK remains to be seen. In the meantime, you can group and ungroup using the Sonos app. Then tell Alexa to play to any one of the grouped speakers and it will play in all of them.