Sonos One and Alexa - Pedantic Symantecs

  • 31 October 2017
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Alexa doesn't seem to be AI are much as it's just voice recognition. If I tell Alexa "Turn of the bedroom lights" she doesn't nothing. If I tell Alexa "Turn off bedroom lights" she turns off all of the bedroom lights.

If we want to get to the point where these devices are useful they need to be smarter at recognising the nouns and verbs in a sentence.

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2 replies

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" the..." versus "...on..." is another issue Alexa often encounters. Not sure if it's something the skill author(s) need to fix or something Amazon does... either way, it can definitely be annoying.
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Alexa does have some quirks, and how those issues are handled will play a major role in its success. I know that if I ask for music by saying the track then the artist versus the artist then the track I sometimes get a different result.

That said, I use Alexa with Wemo devices, and it's always been very forgiving about whether or not I say "the". When you get into the "Skills" the order of directives can be even more crucial to how Alexa reacts. It's like you're playing a game of fill in the blank, and "she" isn't going to take things out of order.

In your case, the immediate solution might be to change the name of your device(s) to "the bedroom lights" from "bedroom lights". That'll allow you the more comfortable speech pattern.