Sonos One and Alexa don't seem to like one another

  • 30 October 2017
  • 6 replies

Can't get Sonos and Alexa to connect. Sonos Ap tells me there is a problem with Alexa. Alexa Ap indicates a "certificate error" and instructs me to update Chrome (which is already set to automatically update). Feeling like this was rolled out half!

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6 replies

I’m having the same problem and getting nowhere with Sonos support despite submitting a diagnostic. 72 hours after getting the Sonos One and it’s still not integrated with Alexa. Very disappointing product and response. Underwhelmed.
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Hi have you tried a reboot on the Sonos 1 and then adding again?

'Simply remove the power cord from the wall outlet or from the back or bottom of the Sonos player.
Wait about 10 seconds for the unit to completely power off and then plug the player back in.
Allow 1 minute for the player to boot back up'

If the Sonos skill is not enabled due to the problems you mentioned, try selecting 'Add a player or Sub' and go through the set-up process again.

Let us know if that works.
Hi, nope still doesnt work it flashes instantaneoualy to the Amazon site to confirm the connection but before you can hit it goes to the Problem Connecting Alexa...please provide a solve
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Have you tried using a different device to do this on Daneenstang?

Do you mind submitting a diagnostic from your Sonos system and posting your confirmation number?
We've tried from a couple of devices....we will submit diagnostic tomorrow after trick or treating
I also had problems with Alexa detecting my Sonos system. The email addresses for your Amazon account & Sonos account MUST BE THE SAME to link (but you can have different passwords). This quickly resolved my connection problem, & Sonos customer service was patient & helpful, as I've come to expect. I still need to configure Alexa to stream Pandora, but Alexa streams Amazon music to respective rooms as I desired.