[Sonos One] Alexa no longer responds after confirmation beep

  • 18 October 2019
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I have qty (3) Sonos One that I’ve been using for several months with Amazon Alexa. All three stopped working unexpectedly in that they no longer respond to Alexa commands or questions.


Diagnostic Report: 541689521


I’ve tried MANY MANY times to:

  • Uninstall/Reinstall both Sonos and Alexa apps from iPhone (11 Pro Max)
  • Disable/Reenable Sonos Skill in Alexa app
  • Deregister all Sonos devices and speakers from Alexa app (and Alexa website)
  • Remove/Readd Alexa from Services section of Sonos App
  • Factory Reset all Sonos One devices (multiple times)
  • Reboot phone
  • Power cycle all network equipment (wireless router, modem, switches)

Nothing works. All three suffer the exact same condition:


Step 1. I say “Alexa”

Step 2. Sonos chimes to confirm it heard me

Step 3. I say a command, e.g. “What time is it?”

Step 4. Sonos does nothing


Here is a video of the problem on all three devices:


Please… I have $600 worth of useless devices right now.

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3 replies

Having the same problem. First noticed it about 30 minutes ago. An amazon echo in the same house is working fine, but my Sonos devices will not accept Alexa commands.

I left all my Sonos unplugged overnight. In the morning I tried once again in this exact order:


  1. Deregister Sonos devices from Alexa app
  2. Disable Sonos skill in Alexa app
  3. Factory reset Sonos One
  4. Enable Sonos skill in Alexa app
  5. Add Alexa to Sonos One

… and now it’s working again… I don’t know if this was a temporary issue on Sonos’ end that just needed time to get resolved, or if the 5th reset finally for some reason worked…


I hope it stays working

Mine just started working again a few hours later. I’m gonna guess that something was wrong with the servers that translate commands between Amazon and Sonos.