Sonos one

  • 25 October 2017
  • 5 replies

Hi, I appreciate sonos one is in beta stage. My sonos one lags massively behind all my other sonos products/rooms.
Will be rectified in updates or is there anything I can do now?

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5 replies

It is NOT in beta stage; only the Alexa part is and this lag is not to be accepted: How do you mean it lags? When playing in grouped mode?
Thanks for your reply.
I have 2 play 1s in the kitchen and sonos one in the dining room. When playing in the kitchen, I say " Alexa, play in the dining room"' when dining room turns on, the radio output is at least 10 seconds behind the kitchen output.
Just learnt when I turn dining room on from the app, it's perfect.
If you play the same station independently through two rooms you will be extremely lucky if they sync. That is the nature of internet radio and it just isn't what you should be doing. As Kumar said you have to group the speakers and play a single stream, whether starting it with the app or Alexa.

I suspect that what you are really saying is that you can group speakers with the app and not with Alexa. Once they are grouped you can use Alexa to play a synced stream
Good point John, never thought of the streaming/buffering issues. They'll sync via the app so all is good.
Loving the new Sonos One and looking forward to Spotify being introduced.