Sonos Master Group not responding

  • 10 November 2017
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I have multiple Sonos Zones including one called Master Bedroom and another called Master Bathroom. I have found that if I have these zones grouped and say "Alexa Pause Sonos" or "Alexa Resume Sonos" that Alexa will send the command to the Sonos zones and it will work properly. If I have any grouping of single or multiple zones that do not include either of these zones that include the name "Master" then Alexa responds with 'I"m sorry the Master Sonos group is not responding."

I did find that if I said "Alexa pause Living Room" that this worked.

So ... why can I say "Alexa pause Sonos" without naming a room and have it work when the Master Bedroom or Master Bathroom zones are grouped but have to use specific room names when they are not?

Sonos, please tell me that I do not need to rename my Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom groups in order to enable the pause and resume functions to work on the current zones when either of these two zones is not enabled.



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1 reply

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Hi Robert

From a general Smart Home naming perspective the first word of a room should ideally be unique. If Alexa has any interference during the voice command then only 'Master' will be registered which is what I suspect is happening here. Having said that I normally name my devices 'Room Name' followed by 'Device Type' but all of my room names have a unique first name. e.g. Kitchen Sonos, Kitchen Echo, Lounge Sonos, etc

Have you checked in the Alexa app>Settings>General>History for the command that Alexa acted on?