Sonos beam and Alexa group control


Set up background: I have multiple Dots throughout the house paired with Sonos speakers and Yee lights in specific Alexa Groups. In one room I have a Sonos Beam with Alexa enabled and several Yee lights set up in an Alexa Group (Family Room).


Problem: In the last day or two, my Alexa system went completely haywire and either stopped working (at all or correctly) with the Sonos speakers and Yee lights with which they were grouped. I tried a variety of fixes (resetting skills, resetting groups, etc.) before finally resetting each Amazon device’s wifi connection, then rebuilding the groups. This worked in every single room except the Family Room, in which Alexa is controlled through the Sonos Beam. I tried deleting and resetting the devices in the Alexa App, removing and then reinstalling Alexa voice service on the Beam, and even doing a factory reset on the Beam itself.

After doing all of the above, the Beam can control the TV and can control individual lights when directed by name (Alexa, turn on Right Lamp), but it will not control all of the lights organized in the Family Room Group in the Alexa app. Before the system went haywire a day or two ago this used to work.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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