Sonos Beam/Alexa

  • 9 September 2019
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How do I tell alexa to tell my Sonos beam to use the tv input?

I'll give the alexa/beam the following command "alexa ask cbc to play radio one", it opens a streaming radio service. To switch the beam back to the TV input i have to open up the sonos app and pick "TV" for it to go and play audio from the tv source. Is there a voice command can i give to the alexa/beam to have it switch to tv without opening the sonos app?


Best answer by jgatie 9 September 2019, 18:51

"Alexa, switch to TV" should do it.
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3 replies

"Alexa, switch to TV" should do it.
Didn't work. I get a response back saying that i need to configure the alexa skill.
Working now using “Alexa switch to tv”. Not sure if anything changed or if I didn’t enunciate correctly.