Sonos Alexa Integration India

  • 2 November 2017
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80 replies

The only logic is in addressing the logistics to be done to do this, and it will get done. Hopefully, sooner rather than later. In the couple of days I am using the Echo I am getting impressed with how well it is doing, including the Indian accent customisation that Amazon has done quite well - the accent is spot on without being a Hollywood parody. Amazon India feedback to bugs and fixes needed is also surprisingly quick and effective.

But I am also realising the benefit of being able to initiate music play, something that will not be possible globally from local NAS on Sonos for quite some time, I imagine; the logistics/challenges there look to be more complex than releasing Sonos Skills to Alexa India.
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I am also waiting for sonos skill getting released in India. I was expecting it to be released along with Amazon Alexa app but it didn't. Unable to understand logic behind this.
And perhaps you can straight away double the demand for this as seen by the Sonos CEO by sending him an email as well!

Since this address is available elsewhere on this Sonos site, nothing inappropriate in putting out his address here.
Also see my last posts here:
I am in the same boat, the difference being that I did not use Alexa via any workarounds, so I still have to see this on my Echo + Sonos; at this point all I can do is use the Echo as a standalone speaker. Your alternatives are to revert to UK and lose local skills or wait for Sonos and perhaps Amazon to accept that there is a world outside of US/UK/Germany and release Sonos skills for the official Alexa India presence. More Sonos than Amazon; by releasing the official version here, Amazon has done their bit, I suspect.