Sonos 1

  • 27 October 2017
  • 1 reply

I have installed Sonos 1. It's been a challenge but up and running now!

I can't get to control my other sonos speakers... when I ask it to play kitchen it just comes back not found? I have created a group of speakers and it still can't find them?

Anyone got any ideas?


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1 reply

First, check your Alexa app and make sure there are no duplicate names for Smart devices.

Second, Alexa grouping is not supported for 3rd party speakers of any kind. To send audio to a group, group via the Sonos app, then tell Alexa to play to any one room in the group, it will play to all. There is a new Amazon SDK coming out early next year that may address grouping of 3rd party speakers, but it is not known if/how Sonos may use this SDK.