Sonance with Alexa

  • 6 July 2020
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Hello. I just bought the Sonos Sonance outdoor speakers along with the Sonos Amp. This is for my backyard to listen to music by the pool. What is the best way to use my voice to control music? I was thinking of plugging in an echo dot near the pool but it’s not waterproof, really need a solution here. Any solution or solutions will do. Thanks! 

3 replies

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Hi @dhamway 

If you have good Wi-Fi to your pool area you can purchase a Sonos Move. The benefits are:

  1. Weather Proof
  2. Can operate for 11 hours via it’s built-in battery (per Sonos)
  3. Flexible placement
  4. Alexa or Google voice assistant
  5. Another speaker that can be grouped to the Sonos Amp or vice-versa to allow audio in a distant corner of the pool area.

Click the link for information:


Thanks. I wasn't looking to purchase another Sonos product. If I'm spending almost $1,400 on the Sonos amp and the Sonos outdoor speakers, I don't want to spend another 400 on the Sonos move. Is there another solution? I'm looking to utilize an echo dot or some other small Alexa enabled device that will allow me to speak what I want from our pool area and have it play on to the sonosoutdoor speakers.

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You could use Alexa on your phone. The other option is to put an echo dot in some form of enclosure that is shower proof, anything that is 100% waterproof will probably not here your voice.