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  • 15 November 2017
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I have two Sonos Play 1 and am getting a Play 3. I was planning on buying an Echo Dot, to use Alexa with it, but then you came out with Sonos One. That made me think twice. Now I am reading that in 2018 you will be integrating Siri to Sonos, and now I really don't know what to do. So I have the following questions:

Siri/Airplay related:
1) Will Siri be available on a speaker (like Alexa is currently on Sonos One)?
2) Since Apple doesn't have a stand alone device for Siri (like the Echo Dot), is it fair to assume the Siri commands will be given through an iPhone or iPad?
3) Will Airplay work with all the speakers in the Sonos line, or will it be with a specific model (e.g. Sonos One)?
4) if so, then is it enough having one of them in your home system, or must they all be individually compatible
5) Can I currently tell Siri to play a song using my Sonos speakers?

Alexa related:
1) I don't have any streaming services, I only use TuneIn radio, however, I have 10,000 songs on my phone, and use the "on my device" songs. Does Alexa work with the songs stored in my iPhone?
2) If I buy an Echo Dot, or a Sonos One, will I be able to control all the speakers in my home, or just the one that has the device?

Many thanks

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2 replies

You misunderstood. They are not integrating Siri. They are integrating Airplay 2, which can then be controlled by Siri on your phone.
On point #2, Apple is comeing out with the Homepod, a stand alone device like an echo though much more expense, sometime soon.

#3 Should be all speakers, but since it's not out yet, can't be sure.

#5 Not currently.

On Alexa
#1 - I'd recommend you look into getting those songs off your phone, either to a home NAS with backup or a cloud service like Amazon. And no, Alexa will not play songs off your phone like that. It currently can only initiate songs from Amazon, TuneIn, XM, Pandora, with Spotify coming soon. Others are not definite yet. I would imagine off your phone would be the lowest priority for integration since it is less common much more technically challenging.

#2 All the speakers. I don't think you evne have to buy anything really. If you have an Amazon account, install the Alexa app and the Amazon music app, you can make voice requests from within the music app. It's not ideal, but you should be able to test drive. I don't know if you have to have a paid Amazon account to use the music app though.