Rooms disappear from Spotify after linking Amazon account

  • 27 November 2017
  • 6 replies

I noticed that my speakers disappear from the Spotify app after I enable the Alexa skill and link my Amazon account. Once I do this, my rooms no longer show as available devices from the native Spotify app. I can only see my 'Echo dot' available. If remove my Amazon account through the Sonos app, they reappear. Is this expected functionality?

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6 replies

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I suspect that this is an Amazon account conflict. Can you check if you are logged into another Amazon account in ANY other app on your device to the one you've linked to your Sonos Account?
Yes, I would have a few apps that are using the same Amazon account and would be logged in. Not sure how that would affect Spotify though. The only available device that shows after the linking is the Amazon echo device.
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Are they all logged into the same Amazon account or could one app be logged into another one?
They are all logged into the same account, the only one I have, thanks.
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Okay. We have a few ways of proceeding then: Link your Amazon account and Sonos again via the Sonos skill and then:

1/ Ask the Sonos One to 'Alexa, Discover Devices' and re-test;
2/ If this doesn't work, remove your Spotify app and then re-install, please re-test;
3/ If this still doesn't work, reset your Voice Control by following the steps I've listed in the Answer to this post:
I should have mentioned, I did discover devices through the Alexa app. All were found and enabled. I think my next step was going to be to uninstall the Spotify app, then reinstall, but I removed the Amazon link first, only to find that Spotify then recognized my rooms again.