Room title confusion

  • 19 October 2017
  • 5 replies

When I tell Alexa to play music on my bedroom sonos speaker she can pull up a random station with no problem. When I try and tell her to play a specific Pandora radio station on my bedroom sonos speaker she starts paying from the echo dot also in the bedroom. I don't know why she can recognize the sonos speaker only when I ask her to play something random.

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5 replies

Most likely your echo and Sonos devices in the bedroom are both named 'bedroom'. I would go in to the Alexa setup and rename your echo's to something else to avoid confusion. In my setup, my sonos zone is called 'master bedroom' and the echo is called "melvimbe's echo".

Also, not sure if this is an issue, but you may want to also set Pandora as your default radio station. If not, it will first try and use an Amazon radio station...and probably not what you're looking for.
Thank you for the tips. The two devices have different names and I'll try making Pandora my default radio station.
I was told by support to temporaryily rename my bedroom sonos, rescan for other devices, then rename back.
This worked for me.
Does Alexa on beam support multiroom plane? I would like to be able to ask Alexa to play such and such everywhere. Any solution?