Request: Alternative Wake Words for Alexa

  • 16 June 2020
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It would be amazing if Sonos Speakers (the One and Beam) could act as full fledged Alexa Devices (Google too). Currently when going into the Amazon app and selecting an Alexa enabled Sonos device, the information and configurations menu is limited to:

  • Audio Settings (Control Bass Level)
  • Do Not Disturb (on or off)
  • Communications (calling / messaging)
  • Device Location (address)
  • Time Zone
  • Follow up Mode (on or off)
  • Measurement Units (F/C, Mi/Km)
  • Registered to: (Owner)
  • About

Normal Echo Devices also contain:

  • Audio Level (Volume)
  • Bluetooth Devices (obviously this can’t be added)
  • Wi-Fi Network
  • Stereo Pair / Subwoofer
  • Echo Remote
  • Alexa Gadgets
  • Sounds (for alarms/notifications/start or end of request)
  • FreeTime (for Kids)
  • Wake Word (Echo, Alexa, Amazon, or Computer)
  • Language
  • Music Groups (stream music to multiple devices, sonos and alexa products do not play together)

Is it possible to push this request to the Team? The main ones are Music Groups and Custom Wake Words. This is simply a request and not a complaint, if there are others with similar desires, please show your support! Thank you

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