When are we getting this S13 theirs talk about,,,,sonos thats a question for you lol,,,,

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It's being announced on October 4th in NYC 😃 Not sure on release date..
Sounds like a good bit of kit,,,wondered how long it wud be before they put the two together(Sonos&Alexa),,A waiting game then lol,,,,Hurry yourselves sonos we wanting!
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Images leaked already I think:

Im hoping they also announce the release of the integration between the two separate devices at the same time. With a bunch of echos/dots around the house and a load of sonos devices, it would be great to finally get them talking to one another.
October 4th in NYC their announcing my friend,,,lol im wondering if sonos Will intergrate alexa through play3 & play5s too at some point as im pretty sure this will only be with the play1


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