Playing Virgin Radio on Sonos One - App vs Alexa

  • 14 August 2019
  • 1 reply


I have recently started to listen to Virgin Radio (via TuneIn) on my Sonos One.

If I select Virgin from the Sonos App all works well, but if I ask Alexa to "Play Virgin Radio" it will stutter and not play correctly. Sometimes it will play havoc with the Sonos to the point that I can't stop it (either via the app or Alexa) and have to cycle the power.

Occasionally it tells me there is an "incorrect stream".

If I change the voice service to Google it will play OK.
If I play other stations from TuneIn via Alexa they work OK.

Does Alexa stream things in a different way ?


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1 reply

Sometimes Alexa will autoload the station's native skill and play that, instead of pulling the stream via TuneIn. You can check in your Alexa app whether the Virgin skill is installed. This can also happen with the BBC Sounds skill.

Next time try asking Alexa to "Play Virgin Radio from TuneIn".