Play One + Echo dot + Play 5

Hello, I have some issues trying to play Deezer music on my sonos through Alexa

Deezer is my default music service in Alexa

I'm stating my Flow by saying

Alexa play my deeper flow in the Living Room and the sonos One are playing my Deezer flow
The Issue is that the playback stops after one Song and I must say it again so that it starts to play

Am I missing something in what I'm saying ?

PS : If I'm starting the flow in the sonos app, it plays without issues.

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Hi there, chocorem. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. What is challenging about this is that Flow seems to work with no problem when going through the Sonos controller. This tells me that it could be something with the link between Amazon Alexa and Deezer. Have you reached out to the Amazon team yet?

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