Paired Sonos One speakers and Alexa

  • 13 September 2018
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Just sharing my experience with paired Sonos One speakers and Alexa, which might help others.

When I originally set it up the Alexa command would be recognised on both speakers. Most of the time only one speaker would respond and it did this in an alternating fashion L,R,L,R,etc. On more advanced features like using skills, then I found it very buggy with both speakers becoming out of sync and asking/responding to different things.

The simple solution......
Just mute the mic on one of the speakers. Alexa will only operate on one speaker, but when you play music it will still use both speakers.

Don't try to de-register one of the speakers from Alexa. I tried this and it did'nt disable one of the speakers 100% from Alexa command.

Hope this helps..

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2 replies

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Hello there, cobester. Thanks for taking the time to post and for sharing your fix. Sometimes, de-registering the speaker will cause more problems than solve. Is it possible that the speakers are set up with different Amazon accounts?
Hi Keith. Both speakers were definitely set up under the same Amazon account. Originally I had one speaker, then added a second speaker a number of weeks later. Under Alexa devices in my app I see 3 speakers:
* Sonos One speaker #1
* Sonos One speaker #2

Do you know what is the expected behaviour of Alexa is when using paired Sonos One speakers? It would be great if Alexa assistant could respond using both speakers. I am still using it with one speaker side muted today.