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  • 10 June 2020
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Just received my new Arc
Where is the remote control please? 

I’ve set up via the app on my iPhone but ideally need a remote but hasn’t come with one 
How do you turn it off? 

At the moment I say to Alexa ... Alexa turn TV on and turn TV off and she does .... but white light stays on the soundbar so not sure what I need to do 
Help would be appreciated thanks 

8 replies

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No remote is included.  You use whatever remote that come with your tv or streaming box.  The volume is controlled using ARC.

The soundbar goes into a low power state a couple minutes after it goes silent.  There is no off switch.

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You’re going to have to enjoy a 4.4W standby :thinking:


There is a white bright light on the right hand side of the soundbar which doesn’t go off but it if you swipe your hand 🖐 over it it goes off . Why’s it on ? What is it? Does it need to be on as just turned tv on and it hasn’t come back on ? 
thanks in advance 

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The User Guide says it’s the microphone status light.

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the white light on the right hand side is the visual indicator that the microphone for your voice assistant is enabled; there is a mic icon next to it. if you touch it to turn the light off you have also turned off your voice assistant.

the status light on the middle front can be turned off in the settings.

lots of useful info in the user guide here.


many thanks all :)

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Where is the remote control please? 


Did you check under the cushions on your sofa? That’s where ours normally ‘hides’ :grinning: