Napster with Alexa

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Will Alexa be able to work with Napster

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Not at launch. You can use Alexa to start playing from Amazon Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Pandora, iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, TuneIn Radio, and we’re working to bring Spotify controls in the future too. I'll add your interest as a request to the team for Napster support in the future.
I'd like to voice my desire for Alexa support for Napster as well!
I would love to be able to control Napster on my Sonos through Alexa as well!
Was excited to try this new feature today and bummed that Napster is not one of the included music services. Add another request for Naptser/Alexa support.
I have been a long time customer of Sonos, Amazon, and Napster. Napster is my main paid music streaming service and I would be grateful as well if you add compatibility with Alexa. Thanks
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+1 for Napster integration with Alexa
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Loving the Alexa integration! Please add my vote for Napster Alexa support.
Put me on the list as somebody who wants Napster integration please. Don't know why but Napster always seems to have to play second fiddle to Spotify! Alexa and Sonos are working really well for me with Amazon Prime, but PLEASE add Napster too!
Another vote for Napster, please!
Another vote for Napster!
+1 for Napster support.
Napster integration with Alexa please
yeah, what they said up there...+1 Napster
7 years with Sonos, please add napster so I can justify to my wife I need to buy sonos one asap 🙂
Please add Napster to Alexa.
Another plus vote for adding Napster support
+1 more for napster
As a Sonos and Napster user for 10 years (I seem to recall Sonos recommended Napster as best fit back then) I’d like to add my vote too. It would be a real pain to switch to a new streaming service and lose all those playlists!
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I'd like to voice my desire for Alexa support for Napster as well!
Consider it voiced 🙂
Napster integration would be fantastic!
I got the public beta today with Alexa integration, and it is great. Works great with Sirius XM. I would love to be able to dial up specific albums on Napster and play them using voice commands through Alexa. But I understand that this is a public beta (or even 1.0 ).

So please consider this a request to have Napster playable through Alexa/Sonos in the future.
Please Napster with Alexa:
One more to add
Another vote for Napster please. Alexa is working great with tune in radio though. Thumbs up!
Napster, please. Started using Napster a few years back because I read that it had the biggest catalog by far. Not sure if that's still true but it works for me. Good to see there are lots of other Napster users on Sonos.
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Another vote for adding Napster. Thanks!