Multiroom Audio with Sonos and Alexa

  • 13 January 2020
  • 1 reply

Hello! I have three echo dots in my home and I just added a second Sonos speaker. One Sonos is in the family room, the other is in the kitchen. I can get the Sonos speaker to play individually by giving voice commands like "Alexa open Pandora in family room" or "Alexa open Pandora in Kitchen".

I want the option of having both speakers play together. I put both Sonos speakers in a group called "everywhere" but when I say "Alexa play music everywhere" it says I have to set up multiroom music through the Alexa app. When I try to do that, it only recognizes my echo dots and the Sonos speakers don't even appear on the list of available speakers for multiroom music. 

The Sonos speakers will play together if I ask Alexa to open one of them up and then I group them through the Sonos app, but that pretty much defeats the purpose of giving the voice command in the first place. Please help!

1 reply

I have exactly the same issue. I have spent hours trying to link my Echos to my Sonos without success. It is extremely frustrating. I don't know which organization is creating the problem, but if you look through these forums, there are many others who also desire a seamless integration for multiroom music which includes both Sonos speakers and Echo speakers.