Is Alexa compatible with Amazon?

  • 4 July 2020
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Sometimes when I play music from Amazon Prime Unlimited by using the Sonos app it works, but when I ask Alexa on my Play:one pair to play something specific I get a nasty lecture about signing up for Amazon Prime Unlimited.  If I ask her to play something general I get Prime (Limited) music with ads.

This has been the case for years and I found an old thread years ago saying that the bug was going to be fixed but it never was for me.  I’ve also tried all the hacking and slashing in this thread which was a major hassle and complete waste of time.  I’ve also upgraded the system to the S2 app and there is no improvement.

Has anyone ever tried using Amazon with Alexa?  Is there any hope that these two vastly disparate systems could someday become compatible?

4 replies

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I don’t have Amazon Prime Unlimited but have no problems with playing Amazon Music. Have you set up the Default Music Service within the Alexa App>Settings>Music?

Errr.. are we talking about Amazon Alexa here or some other company’s Alexa?

If you are talking about Amazon Music Unlimited (I may be mistaken but I don’t think Amazon Prime Unlimited exists) then yes it works fine for me, always has.

Has the ‘hacking and slashing’ so far included the following:

  1. In the Amazon Alexa app, disable the Sonos skill for Alexa and re-enable
  2. In the Sonos app, Settings, Services and Voice, Amazon Alexa is there as a voice service and your One is there as a device?

Just to say I use Amazon Music Unlimited and it works fine are you perhaps resident in a country that does not support the service. See this link…


Amazon Music Availability on Sonos 


Also see these helpful support articles from Sonos…

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I did not have any Alexa skills and have never needed them for any other music source, including Amazon Music “Limited” but Per John B.s suggestion I added the Sonos skill which triggered a red flag in my Sonos app wanting account linking, which I did.  It failed to link at first but immediately succeeded the second time.  Now the Alexa app shows the skill as “linked”, Music & Podcasts > Default Services = “Amazon Music”, and when I tap “Amazon Music” it implies that I maybe have Unlimited.

I went back to the S2 app to finish linking and it succeeded, but still will only play regular Amazon Music thru Alexa, after a lecture about upgrading of course.

The Alexa app shows three devices: Each of the stereo Ones, plus the room name.  It allowed me to de-register each One, but cannot find them again.  It does not allow me to de-register the room.  Now after de-registering it only shows the room name and still won’t play “Unlimited” so I disabled the “skill” and re-enabled / re-linked.  It again failed to link on the first attempt but worked on the second.

In the Alexa app I tried to find new devices but it said it couldn’t find anything new.  Later I checked the devices page and found that it had rediscovered the 2 Ones, but this time they had my wife’s name instead of my own.

Now it works, for the first time in years!  It seems that even though we have Amazon Home Sharing and my wife’s unlimited account works fine thru the app, Alexa must use the Alexa app settings for each speaker’s registered account rather than the Sonos app settings.  This kinda makes sense on one level, but the fact that Amazon is the only account that Alexa can’t access thru the Sonos account settings made it particularly baffling.