Intercom for Sonos

  • 19 September 2018
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The 3rd party "Intercom for Sonos" App appears to no longer work. Has Sonos disabled this/plans to do it's own soon?

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15 replies

Announce doesn't work remotely though. That's my issue 😞. You have to be on the same Wifi --- i would like to be able to get my kid's attention or make an announcement without having to be home.
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I guess the announce feature in Alexa can do this, at least to all speakers at once.
Is there an app or Alexa skill where we could have someone remotely also use an intercom? Say my in laws are picking my kids up in 10 minutes, could I download something on one of their devices to tell them this? Much like an intercom but remotely?
Just a note - Intercom for Sonos has updated the app, and it works again. A Sonos firmware update changed some stuff that caused the app to stop working, he's updated the app to account for it. Back in business..... 🙂
Thanks, just wanted to make sure that others picking up on this thread were aware it wasn't an issue with the Sonos software itself. There sometimes is a rush to judgement, there. I hope the developer does respond to you soon!
@airgetlam not looking for sonos to fix. Just collaborating with other users to confirm it’s not something specific with my setup. Looks like others also have the issue, which is what I was looking to confirm. I too have submitted a note to the developer. It’s unlikely it will be working again before trick or treat, so I will need to get a different plan for monster voices 🙂.
I know. But I wrote to the app developer.
I don't think Sonos ever officially supported this app, they haven't supported any third party app, so you're unlikely to get a response from Sonos on this.
Same problem here. Wrote several times to the developer but no answer.
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I had never tried that one. Hopefully developer fixes.
Yea I have that app too. It works ok, but no Darth Vader voice like “intercom for sonos”. Got to mess with the kids on beggars night 🙂
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iOS voice intercom for Sonos still works
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Announce works via alexa to alexa enabled sonosnunits.
I noticed the 3rd party app stopped working too. It no longer can find the sonos speakers. I think it happened either when I added my sonos one, or when the update came out to add support for AirPlay. I have no proof of that, more of a gut feeling/ timing thing.

I emailed the developer to see if he can fix it. I used the voice changer last year to mess with the trick or treaters, I hope I can get it working before then.
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Hi, KFS. You would be best off contacting the developer of that application, we have no jurisdiction over it whatsoever. We do not share future plans, but I will be sure to forward this suggestion for you. Many thanks - do let us know if you need anything else.