How to configure Sonos to get full support of Alexa with Spotify Family accounts

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Hi all,

I have a very specific question as I didn't see exactly the same topic in the forum.
Here is the story :
I have :
  • A Sonos playbar configured in 5.1 with two Sonos One Gen2 and a sub
  • a Sonos One in my first daughter's bedroom
  • a Sonos One in my second daughter's bedroom
  • a Sonos account
  • a Spotify Family account (1 for my wife, 1 for each daughter, 1 for me)
  • an Alexa account linked to the Sonos products
I want (hope it is possible) to be able to :
  • Ask Alexa to launch music from my Spotify account in my living room
  • Let my first daughter ask Alexa to launch music from her Spotify account in her bedroom
  • same for my second daughter
I add that my daughters are too young to let them have a smartphone, but if it is necesary for configuring purpose. It will be possible.

For now what I succeded to have is to ask Alexa to launch music from my Spotify account in each room...

thanks in advance for any advice.

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You need separate Alexa accounts linked with each Spotify account. I think children can only be added to Alexa households in the US, whereas my account is in the UK. I got around this by adding my spouse to Alexa household (not to be confused with Amazon household), and linking my kid's Spotify to that account on his Echo Dot. I think that you can only have two adults in an Alexa household, so not sure if/how this with work for two kids.
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Have you added your daughters Spotify accounts as per this article:

I haven't tried this personally but, you then need to set-up an Alexa Household as per: