How many Echo Dot devices needed to integrate with Sonos speakers on 3 floors

  • 24 October 2017
  • 1 reply

I hope someone can advise. I have Sonos speakers in every room on all 3 floors of my house. Do I need to buy 3 x Amazon Dot devices, i.e. 1 for each floor? Thanks

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1 reply

Technically, you only need one in order to integrate Sonos and Alexa. However, that doesn't mean one echo dot is going to hear you wherever you are on all 3 floors. How many you need really depends on the specific layout of your house. Perhaps a good rule of thumb would be one echo dot her sonos zone. It's probably a good idea to start off with one echo dot, in your most commonly used space, to see how you like it, and get a better idea of how many you need/want.

I personally have 5, in 2300 sqft home. One in each bedroom and one in the main living area. However, I use them for smart home features more than sonos control. If it was just sonos control, I probably would only have 2. And I have 4 sonos zones....maybe my rule of thumb suggestion isn't that good.