How do you plan on changing your setup?

  • 20 October 2017
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In the wake of the Alexa integration, release of Sonos One, and really, the new Amazon products (and Google, Apple), what are your plans on adjusting your home audio setup? I'm curious, because my house is pretty 'full' already, but I want to try out some of these new products. And, it's just interesting to me.

The only zone I know I will adjust is the backyard, and only in a minor way. That's some outdoor speakers powered by a CONNECT:AMP. I have a dot with attached battery I bring outside from time to time, but it's a lousy environment for voice control. Therefore, I'm going to get an Alexa remote so that I can effectively do voice control outside.

My master bathroom zone is just a play:1 right now. I've thought about upgrading that to a Sonos One, but it's not the highest use area, and isn't really the place I want to put the latest and greatest.

The master bedroom is a pair of P:1s and an echo dot. The P:1s are less than a year old. Hard to justify a replacement here.

The kitchen/family room is the playbar, sub, and 2 P:3s, and the echo dot w/battery. I could replace the P:3s with Sonos:1s, maybe move the P:3s to the bedroom. But one of the P:3s sits on top of the refrigerator. Not the best place for a mic. And I really want the Alexa mic in the center of the combined room, where it is now. I may replace the dot with an Echo Show or Spot, and use the dot for outdoor use full time.

The kids rooms have fullsize echo's in them. There isn't much need for these to be tied to the sonos system, since I have little use for including them in multiroom.

Then there is the gameroom, which is really dedicated to video games. It has a dot in their, and 3.1 stereo setup for the video games. I used to have a CONNECT tied into that, but it was never used. We really don't listen to music there. I could put sonos gear in there, but it would likely go unused.

The dining room is repurposed as 'the lego room' kids are getting older though, and it basically goes unused. Perhaps that room can be put to a better use, but to what I have no idea ....nor whether sound could be useful.

So yep, I'm getting an Alexa remote. I can't creatively justify anything else at the moment.

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2 replies

Not sure yet what all I will change until I actually hear the new Echo speakers to see if there is really much of an improvement in sound quality.

Some things I do know already:

The kitchen S5 (Play5 Gen1) will be removed. It has not been used in over a year and everyone is happy with just an Echo Show in the kitchen.

Like you I plan to plug a Dot into the ZP120s feeding the outdoor speakers and then use an Alexa remote to control the outside sound. I won't use the integration for now because I want the Alexa voice responses outside and I won't update the Sonos firmware for now to avoid ducking issues (and for other reasons).

The living room, library, dining room and bar area are always grouped together and only use background music while entertaining. I will probably use a combination of Echo Shows (for lyrics display) and 2nd Gen Echos or Echo Plus to leverage the intercom and phone features for now but will leave the Sonos gear in place in those rooms. As the integration matures I may go back to using Sonos in these areas and then the new Echos will revert to just being voice controllers while retaining their intercom and phone functions.

Critical listening areas still need access to my local library so those will continue to use ZP90s or ZP120s but I will plug Dots or Spots into them for when I want to use voice control.

All other plans are on hold until I see how things play out with improvements to the Amazon/Sonos integration.
Another change I think I will make is to plug a spare Dot into one of the ZP120s I normally have grouped with other rooms. I'll name the Dot "Sonos" and set the ZP120 to autoplay. That way I can tell any Echo in the house to Play xyz song or playlist on Sonos and it will play through that Sonos group. This will probably give a better experience than using the Sonos skill during the beta period.