how can sonos switch to alexa from tv when I don’t use alexa?

  • 16 February 2020
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I have been using Google assistant for quite some time now and just this morning my Sonos group in the living room switched to Alexa music and started playing music. I do not even have Alexa in my list of services. Any ideas? Thank you.

3 replies

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Hey @amc3000 


Thank you for reaching out to the community.


Can you go on the Sonos app and click on Settings > Services > Voice and let us know what services do you have listed?

I also would like for you to send us a diagnostic and reply back with the confirmation number.

I have google assistant and Apple Music. I removed Alexa a long time ago.

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Thanks for the reply @amc3000 

Since Alexa is not enabled on the Sonos app, I would like to ask if you still have the Alexa app? If so, can you open the app and tap the  Devices icon. Do you have the Sonos speakers set up in an Alexa group?


Is there anyone on your network that uses Amazon Music? It is possible that the Alexa skill is still enabled which would allow someone to use their Amazon Music app to play to the speakers.