Help - Sonos One not playing Alexa output correctly

  • 25 October 2017
  • 2 replies

I received and set up my Sonos One yesterday. It worked beautifully for about an hour - responded to questions, played music on Amazon music and Pandora. I added new skills, all was wonderful. Then my network dropped and i rebooted. Since then, the Sonos One responses when I ask Alexa questions but if i ask for a flash briefing, or try to play any type of music through a skill or music service like Amazon or Pandora, Alexa responds that it is playing but no sound comes from the Sonos One. Any suggestions? Everything looks correct to me on both the Sonos App and the Alex App.

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2 replies

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Flash briefing and Sports Update don't work on the Sonos One yet... it's a known issue that's near the top of Sonos' list of things to get working with Amazon.

Not sure why the rest of the things wouldn't be working though. I think the first step would be submitting a diagnostic to Sonos so an employee can review it and see if there's something wrong... maybe a connection didn't get restored properly or something. Make sure to post the confirmation number here to make it easy for the diagnostic report to be reviewed.
Hi, Received my Sonos One yesterday. I think this might be a related question, so I'll ask it here...

I also sometimes get no response (e.g. to a request to play music). I was wondering:

Does all the communication to/from the Sonos One come via the Sonos mesh network, or is some directly via WiFi. I ask because I have moved the Sonos One to an area in the house that has a bit of WiFi blackspot, but is only a few metres from a Play:5 that works great.