Grouping Amazon Alexa speaker (Echo dot connected to B&W Zeppelin) with Sonos speakers

  • 31 May 2020
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Hi - I have the following setup:

Playbase & 2 x Play Ones in Living Room

1 x Play One in Office

1 x Play One in Bedroom Two

1 x Echo Dot Gen 2 connected to a B&W Zeppelin speaker in Bedroom One


I’m having trouble grouping them all together so that I get music out of all of them at the same time. The Alexa app doesn’t let me choose the Echo as a preferred speaker along with all the Sonos speakers, so I only get music out of the Sonos kit. My B&W Zeppelin connected to the Echo dot Gen 2 is a really sweet speaker so want to integrate it into the system using the Echo dot if possible. So to clarify, I can give commands to the Dot & music will play out of all the Sonos kit but not the Zeppelin connected to the Dot.


Can anyone advise please?


Thanks guys!

1 reply

You cannot group Sonos speakers with Echo devices.