"Everything that Alexa does" - hmm

  • 25 October 2017
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"Everything that Alexa does"

not true. I hope you add more quickly, or get bought out be Amazon.

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5 replies

One thing - Alexa is not Echo, and there are some functions unique to Echo that cannot be done on every Alexa enabled device. Example: There is no Calling or Drop in features on Alexa for Fire TV or Fire Tablets.
True, but you get the point, it's a misleading claim. Better to highlight the features Sonos One does which the nearest Amazon-made logical comparison device (the Echo) doesn't do, or as well.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=40&v=iG_1PBaYTGU 30 seconds,
"Get up to date news" - hmm, "what's new" doesn't appear to work..

"and enjoy ALL those other things Amazon Alexa does"

I get it, Amazon need to differentiate and will always be ahead of the curve vs the Sonos.

I cancelled a pre-order for a new Echo when the One was announced, and my first impressions of interaction with the One are disappointing when compared to my previous 1st-gen Echo. The sound on the One is far superior as expected, otherwise I'd be returning it.
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I think this is a fair criticism. It's early days for non-Amazon, Alexa-enabled speakers, and they need to tune the marketing message for accuracy, while not confusing everyone.

I vote strongly against an Amazon takeover, however! Sonos is so much more than just voice-enabled speakers.
found this, https://en.community.sonos.com/amazon-alexa-and-sonos-229102/new-to-sonos-or-alexa-how-to-set-up-6791327
"You are now ready to try out some commands! There’s a great, comprehensive list here. "
I'll not argue anything, except to say nothing put out by any marketing department should ever be thought of as gospel, or even the truth. As I'm fond of saying, Sonos' "All the music on Earth" slogan does not mean it will play Victrola platters, Edison wax cylinders, or live Borneo drum circles.