Eco Dot integration with Sonos AMP - Lack of radio understanding

  • 3 August 2020
  • 2 replies

Hi all.

When using a Sonos One with built in Alexa and requesting a certain radio station it works well. When using an EcoDot to control a Sonos Amp it cannot understand the radio station that I want. This is pretty much across the board even when selecting simple stations such as absolute radio and radio 1 etc.


Does anyone have a work around or a way of teaching the system to recognise my requests. Otherwise I will have to stop using ceiling speakers and Amps for my installs and using stand alone speakers instead.

2 replies

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Report it to Amazon.  I know this sounds mad but I had this issue and Amazon responded and even asked for more voice samples!


Other way of course is to use the Sonos App and the built in Tune in radio.  Doubtless you could probably then set up and IFTTT routine to play what you want?

Great advice thank you. Having a play with the IFTTT app now and will make contact with Amazon. I had assumed it was a Sonos issue.