Echo / Sonos multiroom pairing

  • 7 January 2018
  • 3 replies

Hi, I'm new to Sonos and not familiar to the forum. Sorry if I'm not in the correct area. I have an Echo 1st gen paired with 2 Play 3 speakers, in stereo, in the Living Room (functioning properly). I also have an Echo Dot in the kitchen connected by Bluetooth to a Bose mini soundlink (also functioning properly) Here is my problem: Through the Alexa app, I paired the Echo in the living room with the Dot in the kitchen to play muli-troom music. This setup is working (playing simultaneously in both rooms) but won't play through the Sonos and Bose speakers, only the onboard alexa speakers. Is there anyway I can fix this? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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3 replies

At this point in time, you can’t pair the Sonos speakers with either the Alexa speakers or the BOSE.
Thanks Bruce...I guess buying another play 1 and putting it in the kitchen would be a fix.
Laugh. Yes, probably the one Sonos’ marketing intends. It’s the route I took as well 😉