Echo Sonos integration

  • 1 September 2017
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For months there has been fevered speculation about, and impatience with, the planned integration of Echo and Sonos. It has very recently been announced that Sonos is planning its own voice activated device, presumably to compete with Sonos. Since this suggests that the long awaited integration is now less likely, it seems remarkable that this development has received no attention.

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3 replies

Good grief! For the eleventy hundreth time, Sonos is not developing their own voice control technolgy! It was stated just yesterday that they have implemented Alexa technology. That implementation will initially be utilized through Alexa enabled devices, Echos, Dots, etc. Future Sonos devices may come with an internal far field microphone array to incorporate Alexa control in a single device. Also, support for other voice control systems like Google or Siri may follow.
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No attention!!! FYI The Beatles have disbanded. Probably passed you by.
No attention? I guess you missed the two dozen threads here, and the items in virtually all the consumer tech journals, then! Lol