Echo Dots and connect:Amps

  • 24 May 2018
  • 1 reply

Building a new 2,000 sqft home soon and want to install ceiling speakers throughout. Most likely will use 4 or 5 connect amps (zones) to power speakers. I would like to use echo dot in each Zone so that no matter where i am in the house i can talk to Alexa and have the nearest dot in vocal range control any zone. Would i need to physically connect a Dot to each zoned connect amp by line out or would the multiple connect amps and multiple Dots form a network and communicate wirelessly? Thanks

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1 reply

If you're using the dots to just use voice control, then no, since they're wifi devices, they could work through wifi to control the Sonos system. However, if you're trying to feed a non-Sonos feed through the headphone output on the dot to the Sonos (like maybe MLB this season?), then you'd need a physical connection.

None of my Amazon Alexa devices are connected, yet I use all of them to control my system.