Echo Dot, Sonos and Amazon Music

  • 12 October 2017
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Anyone having issues with Alexa playing Amazon Music through their Sonos speakers? It seems inconsistent. Sometimes I will ask for a song, album or artist, and it will claim that it's only available on Amazon Music Unlimited, or not available at all which I am positive is not the case. After repeating it multiple times sometimes it will start playing, other times not.

e.g. Alexa, play Tom Petty songs
Alexa, play Open Shut Them (cannot find it at all)
Alexa, play Open Shut Them by Hap Palmer (will work occasionally)
Alexa, play Thomas and Friends All Star Tracks (will work occasionally)

Oh and occasionally the music will start playing through the dot and the speakers.

Anyone else having sporadic results? When it works, it's magic; when it doesn't, it's quote maddening.

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