Echo Dot and Play 1 volume issue

  • 24 October 2017
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So I I have a few Echo Dots and a few Play 1 speakers, overall the way the two work together is clunky but still cool and I realize it's still early in its development. One thing I noticed that bugs me is I ask Alexa (through the Dot) to tell me about what movies are playing, the volume on the play 1 will lower as the dot starts talking and about a quarter of the way through, the volume on the play 1 jumps back to normal as Alexa is still going on about movies. I just recently purchased a Sonos One and this issue does not happen, so it's definitely something with the communication with the Echo device and Play 1. It would be great if things like this could be ironed out so the Play 1 and Echo device collaboration is as solid as owning a Sonos One. For the people that already own a few Play 1's and don't wanna re-buy more speakers, this would be an ideal solution! Anyone else having this issue, or similar issues with this setup? is there any work arounds? or are we just at the mercy of Sonos putting out updates to fix it?

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2 replies

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Hi JD, this is what's called Ducking. The Sonos players don't know which room you have the Dot in, so they all "duck", or drop in volume, so that your Dot hears your command properly. The Sonos One on the other hand, knows what room it's in, and is the only player that will duck when it picks up your question.

There's some more work being done around ducking, so stay tuned for the future.
Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your response. I totally understand the ducking feature and why it’s there, my issue is when I ask the Dot what movies are playing it ducks and then unducks as Alexa is still talking. So now the music volume goes back to normal and Alexa isn’t finished telling me about local movies. Obviously this ducking feature needs some work and I’m glad to hear Sonos is planning on some adjustments.