Duplicate Sonos AMP listed in Alexa app

  • 21 February 2021
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I have 8 Sonos AMP, 1 Sonos Playbar, and 1 Sonos Move. The AMPs and the Playbar are connected to a Sonos Bridge, which is itself hardwired to the router.

In the Alexa mobile app, the 8 AMP each have a duplicate entry of the form “[AMP name] TV”

This is creating confusion for Alexa voice control.

Deleting the duplicate “TV” devices from the Alexa mobile app works for a period of time, but they later reappear.

Powering down everything and rebooting everything does not help. The duplicate devices reappear.

[Disabling the devices in Alexa doesn't seem to solve the confusion issue, but I recognize that’s not a Sonos issue and not a topic for this forum,]

I would like to not have the diupliate entries in the Alexa app.





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3 replies

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Hi, understood - apologies for the delayed response.

It’s not possible to fully remove the default TV connections from Alexa I’m afraid - but as a workaround it may help to give them new names within the Alexa app, completely different from the actual Sonos rooms - that should confirm whether these default TV devices are causing the issues with Alexa.

Let us know how you get on.

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Hi, thanks for reaching out to the Sonos Community!

The [Amp] TV devices that you’re seeing in the Alexa app are used to allow voice control of a TV connected to the Sonos Amp, via CEC commands - for example if you have a TV connected to an Amp in the Living Room, saying “Alexa, turn the Living Room TV on" would cause the Amp to send a “power on" CEC message, through the HDMI-ARC port and to the TV, waking it up (if the TV supports this function).

What kind of confusion is this causing for the Alexa system? If you have “TV" in any of the Sonos room names, it may help to change it, however if you can provide more details about the issue we’ll have a better idea of how we can help :)

Thanks, Xander, for getting back to me, appreciate it! :-)

I don’t have a TV connected to any of the AMPs. They are all hardwired to a set of ceiling speakers. So, I’m not sure why I’d want some sort of default connection to a TV. And, having the xtra similar names in the Alexa app confuses Alexa when she’s asked to do something, so I get a lot of “There are several devices that share the name XXX” errors.


And, stuff like “CEC message, through the HDMI-ARC“ is not helpful and annoys the F*@& out of 99.9% of people on the planet, including me, and I've got an EE PhD.